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Black Friday at midnight: One shopper's tale of woe

Jeff Bertolucci | Nov. 28, 2011
What was I doing here? Cold and drowsy, standing in with hundreds of other bargain-itis victims in a line that snaked around Best Buy and ran the entire length of the big-box shopping center.

But maybe there's a silver lining here. Most of the shoppers I saw at Best Buy weren't alone. They had come with family and friends, and perhaps there was some secret bonding going on here. Retail therapy meets family counseling, if you will.

And even if the experience wasn't fun at the time--particularly for Mom, her aching back, her grumpy daughter, and the three TVs they were lugging--it may be good for a few laughs when retold years later. The electronic gizmo they bought will be long gone, but they'll have fond memories of the time they braved Black Friday, spent a few hours together, and weren't even pepper-sprayed.


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