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BLOG: Sony's tablet S update just made your old play station obsolete

McKinley Noble | Dec. 19, 2011
Playing older video games, especially on a console, is a downright hassle.

Playing older video games, especially on a console, is a downright hassle. Without backwards compatibility, you often need to have the actual system on-hand, keep tabs on all the wires, and adjust your TV settings every time you want to get retro. Thankfully, Sony is a little bit ahead of the curve, as their line of "PlayStation Certified" gadgets seeks to work with the PlayStation Suite in order to break you free of your archaic technology.

A whole library of PlayStation games available to download (legally, to boot) on your hardware of choice -- it's a solid move towards the future, and the latest update for the Sony Tablet S appears to a good step forward.

As seen on DVice and Engadget, Sony Japan has rolled out a software update for the Tablet S that lets users bypass the incredibly awkward touchscreen controls in favor of the more comfortable PS3 controller. Granted, it's certainly not the only way to use a controller with your tablet device of choice, but it's an officially supported patch that doesn't require any hacking or emulators. After all, not everyone happens to be a closet MacGyver with hundreds of ROM files stored in a hard drive.

Although Sony's notorious for providing a limited range of classic games in their downloadable selections, this is hopefully a sign of good things to come. Aside from PlayStation One Classics, there's an absolute treasure trove of PlayStation 2 titles that would also benefit immensely from tablet and controller support. For now, you'll simply have to be content with a free Ape Escape mini-game collection should you get the update.

(Or, you could take this software update, run away with it, and pair it with the numerous retro gaming mods that already exist on the Internet -- but that would be wrong.)



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