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Chambers: Cisco will become the number 1 IT company

John Gallant | July 23, 2013
Cisco boss talks about how SDN fits into its architecture, what Insieme is all about and why the Internet of Everything matters to IT pros.

But think of Insieme not as a router or a switch or a server or SDN. Think of it as the architecture for the data center, bringing this functionality together in a total, simple architecture. Simple in terms of how all these come together in a way that no one else has done. We're probably two to three years ahead of any competitor in being able to do this. Because remember, merchant silicon, the people who think you can do this with an Intel chip or a chip from Broadcom, just don't get it.  We put programmability in software so you can change this as you go.

This isn't just a cool project we have working. This is the team that's never missed for me. I mean, this is Mario [Mazzola], Prem [Jain], Luca [Cafiero], Soni [Jiandani]. How many billion-dollar product lines have they built for Cisco? Out of every time they've touched one, how often do we not become the No.1 player? Remember, they were the ones who did UCS together with the network, the Nexus 2000, 5000. They were the ones that did out IP telephony for me. Their track record here is off the scale, and our ASICs spins are back in, so in terms of the peak critical path here, we're in great shape for what you'll see in the second half of this calendar year. I'm sure we will have some critics on this.

Our competitors will try to throw as much fear, uncertainty and doubt as possible at it. But this solution is really solid. It will be an architectural play. It will be like no one else can do.  If it works, this is our quick acceleration to become the No.1 IT player. People, I think, will get the framework. SDN is just one of the enablers, one of 15 equations, as you make this transition to faster revenue generation, less OPEX and less CAPEX, vs. the payback you get toward higher productivity and ability to meet your user needs faster. The CIO, instead of playing defense, can respond to each of these business units going the way they want.

By the way, John, you've seen this movie. Even as close as I am to, we have 38 instances of empowerment to our groups where they did their own interpretations of The CIO has to get architectural control and then produce the business results. So I get pumped up. Do I think the spending on IT will change two to three years from now as a percentage of total budget? I believe extremely strong the answer is yes. But it will be because we take the complexity out of this and enable the users to meet their customers', their internal community's, their CEO's objectives at a much faster pace. That's the horse we're going to try to ride with the Internet of Everything to becoming the No.1 IT player.


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