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Clumsy Ninja: Who knew that becoming a ninja could be so...meh

Roman Loyola | Jan. 22, 2014
I'm late to the Clumsy Ninja bandwagon, but I thought I'd give the iOS game a try during a holiday break from work. I really wanted to like Natural Motion's game, but after a few hours of level grinding with no payoff big or small, the game feels more like a chore than something enjoyable.

Clumsy Ninja also has an option to watch a video from an advertiser to instantly repair an item, but for a couple of weeks after I downloaded the game, I was only able to do this twice before the videos stop being available at all. Just recently, Natural Motion seem to change its policy on this, and now there seems to be no limit as to how many videos you can watch in a day to repair an item. You can also instantly repair an item by posting a tweet on Twitter saying that you are playing Clumsy Ninja, but tests are limited to one in a 24-hour period.

Before Natural Motion adjusted its repair policy, I'd play the game for 15 minutes, put it away so items can repair, and then play again later for 15 minutes, put it away, and repeat. Now I play for longer periods, but I spend at least half my time watching videos so items can repair. Frustratingly, the only payoff for all the training is a level advancement that allows access to new items that don't introduce anything new to you as the player. Having mini adventures would be good to break up the training monotony, but they don't exist.

Clumsy Ninja has some very cool tech behind it — the motion engine for the characters in the game is impressive, and the graphics are very nice. But more needs to be done about the gameplay to make it more interesting.


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