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Crusading general ducks for cover as fellow bloggers return fire

John Garnaut (via SMH) | Feb. 26, 2013

''If the national security professional can't even change his password then the people really should be worried,'' said Kaifu Lee, an IT entrepreneur who was the founding president of Google China, writing on his own Weibo account.

Andrew Chubb, who is researching links between Chinese public opinion and government policy on territorial disputes, said General Luo has been ''itching'' to enter the Weibo fray in the two years since the PLA ordered him to shut his long-form blogs.

The blogs were ''popular with angry military enthusiasts'' and he had grown accustomed to soft interviews, said Mr Chubb, who has written about General Luo on his blog.

''But on the Weibo 'front' he's encountered another type of angry public opinion, one that is more inclined to blame China for the world's problems than the reverse,'' Mr Chubb said.

Xiao Qiang, founder and chief editor of China Digital Times, said General Luo's state-driven nationalism has collided with the relatively open Weibo debating environment.

''If Weibo is the battlefield between pro-state voices and civil society, then it looks like General Luo has hopelessly lost his first encounter,'' said Professor Xiao.


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