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Deep-dive Q&A: Behind the scenes of Obduction, Cyan's move beyond Myst

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 7, 2014
We visited Cyan's offices in Washington and picked their brains about Obduction, a crowdfunded spiritual success to Myst.

What're you looking to scale to? Twenty, tops?
RM:Tops. Add a few more artists as we need them, and a lot of it we can work smartly by seeing how fast Eric can do stuff and see how many we need before we pull the trigger. It's nice. Feels right. Feels good. Feels a lot like the early Myst days where you scale up slowly and have a core team doing stuff.

That's the other thing. We do multiple roles. I'm the Kickstarter database guy, so all the Kickstarter information I am personally in charge of doing the FileMaker database.

We have a great community. They are so forgiving and helpful. They give us pizza parties! Even during the hard times, a box of donuts would show up from fans. It's just awesome.

On production food
[Speaking of which]

RM: We did...was that during...I don't think it was during Riven. We did Triple Thursdays.

RW: That was during Uru.

RM: We'd go to Wendy's and get triple patties.

RW: It was a whole Thursday thing. We'd go to Krispy Kreme and you'd eat three donuts. Then we'd go to Wendy's and eat the triple patties. Some of the guys after that would go to Cold Stone Creamery and eat three scoops.

RM: What were we thinking? [Laughs]

For more Obduction, feel free to read my eyes-on with two of the game's three major worlds, and for more Myst history and general Cyan knowledge, check out the photos I took in the Myst Vault.


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