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Digital partnership can improve education in Asia Pacific

Anuradha Shukla | April 28, 2016
Can connect with students and make learning more fun, says Adobe study.

The key concerns of educational institutions across Asia Pacific region based on the findings of "Creative Classrooms Through Strong Digital Partnerships" study of Adobe. (Click on image to enlarge).

74 % of educators in Asia Pacific believe that a strong digital partnership is key to connecting with students and making learning more immersive and fun.

A study based on a survey of more than 1,300 educators across Asia Pacific (APAC) indicates that future employees will require different skillset with the arrival of the digital era.

80% of the respondents recognize the importance of keeping up with the digital transformation, and preparing students with the digital skills needed for success.

75 % of educators in Asia Pacific believe that developing blended programs for critical thinking and creative problem solving is important to create an effective digital learning program.

"It has become imperative for educational institutions to modernize, stay relevant and provide students with skills that are necessary for success after graduation. Moreover, educational institutions are facing pressures to provide an adequate infrastructure, one that can only be realized through consistent training, updated technology resources and relevant course applications," said Tony Katsabaris, senior director for Education & Government, Adobe Asia Pacific. "Enabling success through enhanced digital experiences as part of the learning process is identified as a critical driver for educators across Asia Pacific."

Interactive learning content

74% of the respondents agreed that building engaging and interactive learning is another crucial area to overcome in order to develop an effective digital learning program.

Over the next three years, APAC educators aim to prepare their students with the digital skills they need to be successful.

At 92%, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) lead the region in creating rich learning experiences that improve student outcomes with measurable metrics.

84% of educators in Southeast Asia place a high emphasis on preparing students with the digital skills needed for success.

"Digital literacy will open doors to knowledge and to the market place in the 21st century," said Callistus Chong, director, School of Design and Media, Institute of Technical Education, Singapore. "Developing digital literacy skills, whether in school or post-secondary education, will help students to communicate effectively, express and share ideas digitally, and build creativity and critical thinking skills. It will help them be more effective, to do their job well and to be better prepared for career success in the workplace." 


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