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Gem Weltronics and People Power launches joint venture

Adrian M. Reodique | June 29, 2016
GemPower aims to help service providers deliver "readymade" Internet of Things (IoT) product solutions to manufacturing and process industries in Southeast Asia.

People Power and Gem Weltronics Corporation has launched GemPower Cloud Pte. Ltd., to help service providers deliver "readymade" Internet of Things (IoT) product solutions to manufacturing and process industries in Southeast Asia (SEA).

"The IoT industry faces major fragmentation, and with complicated user experiences and the lack of industry-wide standards to connect devices from different manufacturers, potential growth within the industry is stifled," said Sid Sung, Board Director of People Power China.

"This joint venture provides Gemwel and People Power with the ability to push forward the next phase of the industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, with readymade IoT solutions. We see an enormous opportunity to help build and support smart communities to reduce energy consumption and unlock new sources of value for companies within Singapore and the Southeast Asian region," said Gene Wang, CEO and co-founder of People Power.

According to a press statement, GemPower leverages its Ensemble software suite to quickly enable IoT capabilities.

"GemPower's integration and deployment of Ensemble provides seamless integration of a single operating system that works with one intelligence and can be deployed across many devices, services and protocols to bridge the gap within the IoT industry and provide the tools to enable more than smart homes, but smart factories and smart cities too," added Sung.

GemPower said Ensemble can be seamlessly integrated with existing frameworks and proprietary platforms. It has four software tiers, namely:  

  1. Presto is a connectivity software which allows partners to get unified connectivity to the cloud at no cost.
  2. Maestro is a command centre which enables the service providers to manage a network of customers and devices, and receive alerts.
  3. Symphony is a deployable cloud server that includes Harmony and Composer. Harmony promotes sharing, competition, cooperation and social commerce; while Composer equips businesses with smart learning, and data analytics.
  4. Virtuoso is a mobile app framework which enables the customers to add new services to their ecosystem.  

GemPower is also working with Intel to build its eco-system; they will also train students on the platform and expand the reach of its IoT technology.

As part of its University Malaysia Perlis programme (UniMap), GemPower will train Malaysian students on the capabilities, uses and deployment of its technology and how to enable IoT application of various types as well as Intel gateways.


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