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Google, NASA using quantum computing to push A.I., machine learning

Sharon Gaudin | Oct. 1, 2015
Sign 7-year deal with quantum computer maker D-Wave.

Because of these possibilities, a quantum machine is able to process all the options in a calculation at once, making it much faster than a classic computer.

Some scientists are skeptical that D-Wave, or any company, has developed a working quantum computer. Some in the field it could be 50 years before an actual quantum machine is developed.

D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell obviously disagrees and says his company is working on successive generations of quantum computers.

“The new agreement [with NASA and Google] is the largest order in D-Wave’s history, and indicative of the importance of quantum computing in its evolution toward solving problems that are difficult for even the largest supercomputers,” Brownell, said in a statement this week. “We highly value the commitment that our partners have made to D-Wave and our technology, and are excited about the potential use of our systems for machine learning and complex optimization problems.”


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