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GUEST VIEW: The host with the most

Wilson Lai | Sept. 3, 2013
Hospitality organisations need to deploy well-designed and tested network infrastructure to provide robust, high-speed Internet access and meet demands for world-class service from guests.

Today's connected guests typically carry more than one device with the ability to connect to a wireless network. They expect the same kind of network speed across these devices.

  • Security

Guests need to be safe, and feel safe. For example, business travellers who require the ability to establish VPN connections to their office, arguably would want a secure network which would not result in leaks of their company's confidential data. Similarly, when guests pay with their credit cards or part with their personal details, sensitive information could potentially fall into the wrong hands if there happens to be unauthorised access to the hotel's critical data.

  • Connectivity

With more and more hotels offering free wireless access to meet guests' expectations that such an amenity should be free, hospitality organisations need to go one step further to offer high-speed, free wireless access with extensive coverage. Guests want to be able to connect from their hotel rooms and not be confined to common areas, such as lobbies. They expect consistent network connectivity when moving around their rooms or suites. To put it simply, they anticipate the same kind of speed, dependability and convenience their office or home network provides.

The network strain
As a result of these requirements and increased usage by multiple parties, most wireless networks in hospitality organisations are under pressure to keep up their performance. With the expansion of hotel properties with additional rooms, conference facilities or gaming centres, the wireless network needs to be able to cover bigger areas. There can be no room for bottlenecks and system latencies. The wireless network must not fail. It must provide 100 percent connectivity at all times and have sufficient bandwidth to support demand.

Get up to speed
With network infrastructure constantly evolving, proprietary protocols limits future network investments because of vendor lock-in. The thought of implementing network cabling infrastructure might be overwhelming to hospitality organisations, however as the saying goes, 'you reap what you sow'. The answer is simple - with high-performance, low latency 10GbE and 40 GbE switches, Extreme Networks' open standard, end-to-end solutions help multiple hospitality organisations around the world serve their wired and wireless network.

In our increasingly technology-centric world, hospitality organisations need to deploy well-designed and tested network infrastructure in order to provide robust, high-speed Internet access and meet the demands for world-class service from their guests.

Wilson Lai is Technical Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Extreme Networks. 






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