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Hands-on: New Total War game takes on Attila the Hun

Hayden Dingman | Sept. 26, 2014
I got a brief demo of the game a few weeks back. For the most part, it looks a lot like Rome II. That shouldn't be too surprising, considering it's the same culture and region but a few hundred years later. In other words, don't expect an Empire to Shogun 2 or Shogun 2 to Rome II change.

The new barricades are an interesting idea, but they need some tuning as it's currently hard to tell when one's been overrun. Everything seems fine, and then suddenly you realize your entire three-deep ranks of archers is being destroyed. Still, it's interesting as a defender to have methods for herding enemies down specific streets--the potential for ambushes is a lot higher--and it gives archers a good vantage point to rain hell down on invaders.

And some last thoughts: Ranged units feel overly powerful, horses are clumsy and unwieldy, and the graphics are beautiful. In other words, it's Total War. Expect this one sometime next year, if I had to guess--hopefully with a smoother launch than the last game.


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