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Hands On: OnLive's cloud synced revamp is a tricky bet

Mark Hachman | March 6, 2014
OnLive, the cloud gaming pioneer that essentially vanished in 2012, is back--but with a new goal of enhancing online distribution services like Steam, versus competing with them.

I'm not a fan of the new interface, and I can't see the $14.99 CloudLift monthly charge capturing too many new customers, unless OnLive tosses in a free PlayPack and drastically updates the CloudLift compatibility list. Multiplayer is also an issue; even the tiniest bit of lag in a fragfest can make the difference between a live contestant and a dead, unhappy one — especially one who blames OnLive for his lack of skill.

But for a player who enjoys graphically intensive, plot-driven games like the Saints Row and Batman: Arkham series, OnLive has a future. Gamers will just have to realize that they'll be paying $14.99 per month, over time, rather than paying hundreds of dollars at a time to upgrade their PCs. And, of course, ignoring their little brothers and sisters who simply bought the game for their Xbox in the next room.


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