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Health insurer dedicates IT group to work with Digital Experience team

John Dix | June 28, 2016
Collaborative effort speeds digital innovation at HealthNow New York

 Why do people sign up for that?

We've always believed in helping members stay healthy, be healthy, and this was an opportunity to offer a nutrition based reward program.

You said enrolment is a key indicator of success.  Are there other metrics you watch?

We have anecdotal feedback from subscribers, and some employer groups telling us what a good value add it is.  Being digital it's easy for us to watch the analytics.  That's the beauty of digital.  It's not like putting up a billboard and not knowing what happened.  We can actually track the process and user flow and see if people are adopting it.  It's too early at this point, but we'll also eventually do surveys on a group level as well as a subscriber level to gauge the satisfaction and impact.

Is it an app?

Yes, we also created a landing page within our website.  If you go to you can access it.  It's in the Health and Wellness area and it's called HealthyLife Rewards.  What we do is inform subscribers about the program, talk to them about the benefits, what they have to do to sign up, and then they download the NutriSavings app.  It's all powered and hosted by NutriSavings. They partner with health plans across the country and we took the product and tweaked it a bit to our liking and rebranded it HealthyLife Rewards.  It's their technology. 

Ok.  Switching back to the big picture digital experience, where do you see this movement going from here? How do you anticipate the technology further changing the customer experience?

I think we've only scratched the surface on how much personalization we can do.  We have a lot of data at our disposal.  We have to figure out how to use it at the appropriate times and in the appropriate way without it seeming creepy to members. It's really about figuring out how to utilize all that data we have to give somebody a beneficial and personalized user experience.

Where would you say we are on the march to digital nirvana, if you will? 

I would say we're probably near the beginning.  We've done a lot of great things.  I think we've got a lot of great information.  We just have to figure out how to utilize that and move forward. A lot of the processes in the health insurance industry are still very manual and paper driven, and it's taking that process and moving it over onto a digital platform and figuring out how to utilize that information.  I would say we're probably still fairly early in the process, which is exciting.  There are tons of opportunities. 



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