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Here comes the 'Internet of Self'

Mike Elgan | Jan. 12, 2015
When the quantified self movement collides with the Internet of Things, the world becomes an extension of you.

Your thermostat will adjust itself not according to the room temperature, but according to your comfort level.

Your stress will trigger soothing lights and music in every room in the house.

Your car won't let you drive drunk.

Sudden fear or panic may trigger an automatic 911 call that also involves relaying your emotional state and location.

The lights, TVs, thermostats and phones in your home may turn off or adjust themselves when you fall asleep and again when you wake up -- not at predetermined times when you're supposed to be asleep or awake, but based on your actual conscious state.

It's easy to imagine how powerful and useful the "Internet of Self" will be. And the feeling will be even better. It will be as if your house, car and office will be extensions of your physical body, with appliances and objects responding to your physical state and looking out for you.

The combination of quantified self technology with Internet of Things devices will magnify and multiply the effect of each. The world will be connected to your body via the Internet.

The quantified self and the IoT are transformative. But combining the two for the "Internet of Self" is the real revolution.


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