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How Google and Apple will control TV

Mike Elgan | Jan. 11, 2012
In the global business marketplace, Silicon Valley is a shark, a killing machine hardwired with powerful instincts for tracking down sick, weak and slow businesses, and devouring them without hesitation.

So brace yourself for a lot of chatter this week and this year about TV, as the industry thrashes around in search of the future everyone knows is coming.

But be aware that the future of television will be controlled by Silicon Valley. Not the Asian TV makers. Not the global chip makers. And not even Hollywood.

The future of TV is going to be pretty awesome. And TV tomorrow is going to look a lot like smart phones today: Google and Apple controlling a media platform of apps, streaming content, Internet access and social networking.

And all those companies at CES hawking TVs and TV-related gadgets and services that compete with Google and Apple? Well, they're going to need a bigger boat.


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