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How to get a job at Apple: What it's really like working in the Apple Store

Lucy Hattersley | Sept. 7, 2016
Want to get a job working for Apple? The world's greatest tech company hires many people, and we've got some great insights into what it's looking for in prospective new team members

How do I get a job working for Apple?

Having Apple on your CV is quite a coup, and it's no surprise that many people want to work for the world's best tech company.

Apple is famous for being secretive, and its ability to maintain secrets extends to what it's like to work for Apple. However, as the company has expanded (it now has more than 100,000 employees) it's become easier to get a clear idea of what Apple is looking for.

How to get a job working for Apple: different areas of employment

There are different areas of Apple listed on Apple's website:

Jobs here typically include Marketing, Software Engineering, Finance or Sales. They are mostly based in London (at Apple's headquarters in Hanover Street). Although Apple also has Software and Hardware Engineering roles in Cambridge.
Apple Store. Various roles inside Apple's Retail stores are available. This is where we expect most people are looking. Roles typically are listed as Creative, Expert, Genius and Specialist (or Inventory Specialist). Many employees start as specialists before moving on to other roles (such as Creative or Genius).
At Home Advisor. Work for Apple, from your own home. These are roles where you connect with customers and help them out.

How to get a job working for Apple: what's it like to work for Apple

Dylan Adams was an Apple retail employee for three years. "My first experience of Apple was the iPod," says Dylan. "It was the single thing that first got me interested in technology. Since that day I have been focused on Apple products. When I bought a laptop it was a MacBook; when I bought a smartphone it was an iPhone; and when I bought a tablet it was an iPad.

"It was inevitable I would apply for a job at Apple. Who wouldn't want to work with such amazing products?"

Apple isn't interested in fakes. "The photos of happy smiling employees on Apple's career website are real," says Dylan. "They are not actors or models; they are genuine Apple employees. I have actually worked with some of these people on a day-to-day basis."

What are the different jobs available at Apple?

"Most Apple Retail employees are 'Specialists', your everyday grunts that deal with advising and selling to customers. 'Creatives' run workshops and one-on-one lessons on a range of topics, and usually have a specialty such as photography, video or audio. A 'Genius' works at the Genius Bar, but these are the ones fixing Macs. If you're only fixing iPhones and iPads you're still considered a Specialist, although you do get the spiffy title of 'Family Room Specialist'.


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