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Humble Bundle, Mozilla team up to make full PC games playable in your web browser

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 15, 2014
For longtime Humble Bundle fans, this week's game offerings might look a bit staid. Osmos, Voxatron, Dustforce, FTL, Zen Bound 2--there are quite a few repeats from earlier bundles. It's the tech at the heart of it all that makes this Humble Mozilla Bundle worth checking out though. All eight games are able to run right in your browser, thanks to ports done internally at Humble.

There is one oddity that Humble says they're hoping to fix in the future: It's impossible to know what games you've already downloaded and manage those files. That's probably not a huge deal for these games, which all clock in around 300MB or less of storage, but in the future Graham did confirm to me they'd like to add an easy way to uninstall old content.

And there are other features Humble hopes to add — for instance, the ability to download the first two or three levels, let the user begin playing, and then download the rest in the background seamlessly. Or the ability to update the game builds on your computer by installing only the updated files instead of re-downloading the entire game. Or gamepad support for all titles.

Those features are commodities, though. Expect them to roll out as Humble gets a handle on the technology. For now, you can head over to Humble Bundle and check out the bundle itself. All eight games still come with DRM-free builds and Steam codes when purchased, so you're not locked into the browser if you don't want to experience the future of video game entertainment.

Side note: PCWorld does not take responsibility if you're caught playing these games in your browser at work.


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