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ICS is a bigger threat than IoT in India: Sivarama Krishnan, PwC India

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Indian companies are struggling to manage individual identities and proliferation of devices adds to that complexity, says Sivarama Krishnan, Partner & Leader Cyber Security, PwC India.

Enterprise security market in India is on the upswing.

"Indian market in last two years has been registering a growth of at least 20%. CAGR. We expect similar growth in 2016 for India market," says Sivarama Krishnan, Partner & Leader Cyber Security, PwC India.

"The current scenario of more breaches leading to consumption of more security solutions will underground change. More than breach, security will be the business enabler for the company's growth," says Sivarama Krishnan at PwC India.

What does the new-year of 2016 hold for Indian enterprises in information security?

The year of 2016 will be an exciting time for Indian enterprises. The global security market is growing at 9 to 10 % CAGR while Indian market in last two years has been registering a growth of at least 20%. CAGR. We expect similar growth in 2016 for India market. 

The figures sound good from the growth perspective but from risks perspective the increase in number of threats is a huge element of worry for most CIOs. Any kind of a positive image in the economic growth of the market tends to attract higher incidents into the network. Perpetrators become more active and numbers grow for economic reasons or in the form of state actors. Though we envisage the increased attention around security, we will continue to see investments in security technologies going up.

Talking about new threats, do you see APT, DLP or cybercrime move out of hype cycle and become a reality in 2016?

PwC's global survey in association with CIO magazine clearly shows that that the insider threats have started growing again in India. It is 1 to 1.5 times which means 1.5 times of insider threat to one external threat. Many Indian companies who believe that they trust their employees need to perhaps do a recheck or keep a strict eye on their activities. Hence there would be more investments on technologies like DLP or GRC based solution for ERP etcetera.

The second area which I believe is growing is the bigger external threat -- which the companies earlier did not believe in. In recent past, BPOs and banks in India have been subjected to instances of black mailings. These are indicators for Indian companies to start focusing more on their internal security through APT solutions. If you look at RSA and McAfees of the world including IBM, they are selling software based products that clearly indicates the market transitioning to advanced security.

The third instance is the market evolution for countries like India. In the first wave, leading companies invested in basic security while many SMEs ignored the same. In the next wave; DLP, SIEM, APT are adopted by bigger corporate while the bottom end invest in AV, end point, firewall etcetera. It is parallel activity on both fronts. An area of larger interest in India is IAM (identity access and management). Indian companies in the past did not deliberate much on single sign on, managing identities and related parts of IAM. Now we see many CIOs warming up to it and it is the next wave of growth for the large companies.


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