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Inside Cyan's 'Myst Vault,' the living history of Myst and Riven

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 7, 2014
I recently drove out to the Spokane, Washington headquarters of Myst creator Cyan Worlds to talk about their upcoming game Obduction. You can read my preview here, and a deep-dive Q&A about the Obduction development process here.

The Myst Vault
Cyan Worlds Studio Tour
Despite the name, the "Myst Vault" is actually an insanely crowded closet.

RM: This is what's affectionately known as "The Vault." It's got lots of accounting stuff, but it's also the motherload of Myst crap. We try to keep something of all the years. A version or two of all the crap we've collected over the years. Collections of games, magazines, posters, tchotchkes...It just all ends up in here, because this is one of the few places where it doesn't get given away or misplaced or anything like that.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

But it's everything from the blowgun used at the beginning of Riven to... these are books that were used as part of the props that were painted like a journal... or one of the books. I don't even know which is which in this, but.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

In Riven there was...This is a geode thing that made the books actually work that you had to place on them in Riven.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

Yeah, you can see. It just goes on and on.

Myst puzzle
RM: We have a few of these Myst puzzles. We have six of them or something. I showed them to a guy a few weeks ago and he was like "Those go on eBay for about a thousand bucks apiece." I'm like "What? Are you kidding me?"

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

Because what we would end up doing is the people who were marketing Myst... it started slow, but it just kept going, kept going, kept growing, kept growing. And other companies, foreign companies, would get in on it, and other platforms, and they all want marketing campaigns.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

And we'd be like "Well all you have to do is just send us one or a few of what you're marketing. So that's why...we have tons of stuff here from that.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

RM: Like here, I don't even know where these came from or why, but Ray-Ban sunglasses, but they're Riven Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

Like, okay, that's what you need. I don't know who made them or why, but it's like "Okay, we'll put it in the vault."

RM: There's Riven water! Some Riven water that's collapsed and crushed. I should actually...[cracks it open].


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