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Inside Cyan's 'Myst Vault,' the living history of Myst and Riven

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 7, 2014
I recently drove out to the Spokane, Washington headquarters of Myst creator Cyan Worlds to talk about their upcoming game Obduction. You can read my preview here, and a deep-dive Q&A about the Obduction development process here.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

Nope. That is loooooong crushed.

Disc golf
RM: We played disc golf around the building during Riven, we played disc golf almost every day. A lot of people, instead of lunch we'd just go play disc golf.

PCWORLD: Do you have a course around here?
RM: We did. Well, we just made our own. It was just trees. But we played the same one, and we were... spreadsheets with everybody's scores.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

So for some point at Mysterium, they have this annual gathering Mysterium that we hosted this year, on occasion it's hosted here, but they always seem to make discs as part of Mysterium.

Miscellaneous props
Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

RM: At one point Katherine in Riven has to pull a lever for an elevator and this was hung up ::tchung:: so she could pull it.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

RM: The D'Ni eyes were different because they're a different culture, and Gehn, the seventy-year-old guy, was like half D'Ni, so he had to have different eyes. These are his contact lenses that we put on him to make his eyes...bigger or smaller? I can't remember. He had to wear those.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour
More random props.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

They're everywhere.

Various Myst editions
Are these all original Myst boxes back here?
RM: Let's see, they're probably other platforms. "Desktop edition?" I don't even know what that means.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

"Free Myst mouse mat and Myst screensaver."

RM: Well there you go. This must have come later because this says "Over 5 million sold." It's still Red Orb but it's definitely after Riven because it has our new Riven logo on it. So yeah, there's no telling what you'll find.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour
Pictured: Not Myst.

RM: This is one of the first sweatshirts we ever made. I think we made like, four of them. That was it, which is kind of fun. Various clothings over the years.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

When Myst was so popular, we sold these for a while. But we just don't make anything selling stuff. This is the remnants of what's left. Most of the stuff is long gone away, but we were like "Let's keep a few of everything for the Vault just so we have them."


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