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Inside Cyan's 'Myst Vault,' the living history of Myst and Riven

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 7, 2014
I recently drove out to the Spokane, Washington headquarters of Myst creator Cyan Worlds to talk about their upcoming game Obduction. You can read my preview here, and a deep-dive Q&A about the Obduction development process here.

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

Do you guys keep design docs too? Do you have old Myst design docs?
RM: [Laughs] There were no Myst design docs. It was basically five pieces of paper that we sent to the Japanese company... they asked us for design docs and we were like "What's that?" So my brother and I just wrote out five maps and said "This is the game." They were like, "Okay." I still remember to this day they were like, "Is this going to be better than Seventh Guest?" and we were like "Oh yeah." [Whispering] "What's...what's Seventh Guest? How good is that?"

The computer
RM: That's the computer we actually rendered large portions of Myst on. I think it's an SE30 that we hacked could hack those things and put graphics cards in them. It's been here for a while obviously...This is what Robin used. I haven't opened this thing up in a long time. [Zipper]

Wait, what is it?

Cyan Worlds Studio Tour

It's a...512k?
RM: What? Wow. Okay, this is older than I thought even. It's got some history, that's for sure. I wonder if I turned it on, would it ding.


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