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Intelligence Committee: Data-snooping bill necessary, but needs work

Derek du Preez | Feb. 6, 2013
The committee has said that the public and parliament will need more detail.

The ISC, however, has managed to gather some further detail of where the Home Office is struggling to collect data, and it is unsurprising that it centres on internet monitoring.

"We recognise that the draft bill is deliberately broad in order both to permit futureproofing of the legislation against technological change and not to reveal gaps in operational capability. However, this is causing considerable concern for the CSPs, and also parliament and the public," said ISC.

"We therefore welcome the decision by the Home Office to make public information on the three core elements of the gap: subscriber details showing who is using an Internet Protocol address; identifying which internet services or websites are being accessed; and data from overseas CSPs."

The ISC has said that the Home Office should consider whether there is 'any room for manoeuvre' on whether increased detail could be provided on the face of the bill as to what government hopes to be able to monitor, as this will instil greater confidence in the bill's critics.

It also said that the Home Office needs to properly consult with the CSPs, something it claims the government is yet to do, about the practical implementation of the bill (how data will be stored) and also the way in which the data is used and the safeguards that will be put in place.


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