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iPhone 8 rumors: Apple has ordered 70 million bendable OLED displays from Samsung

Caitlin McGarry, Oscar Raymundo | April 4, 2017
Rumors are already swirling about the "revolutionary" 2017 iPhone. Here’s all the latest.

Kuo noted that Apple is planning to put a 3D sensor in the iPhone’s rear-facing camera next year, which would negate the need for a dual-lens system.

Plausible? This is the first time we’ve heard about Apple incorporating new laser technology and facial recognition, but it wouldn’t come out of nowhere. Apple acquired Primesense and their infrared sensor technology in 2013, and the company just recently integrated facial recognition software in Photos for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. So it makes sense that the next evolution of this feature is for Apple to develop a camera with sensors that can perform facial recognition in real-time to create augmented reality experiences, similar to Snapchat’s selfie filters.


A $1,000 iPhone?

The rumor: Apple is reportedly making a 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone with all the bells and whistles. According to Fast Company, this very-special iPhone could be called either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X and will cost more than $1,000. The higher price tag is due to the fact that this new iPhone will boast an OLED display that will cost Apple twice as much as an LCD to manufacture.

The forthcoming iPhone 8/X will also be massive, measuring 5.8 inches, and come with a memory upgrade and a virtual Home button. In addition, Fast Company corroborates previous reports that Apple will release two less-fancy iPhones, the 7s and 7s Plus, with LCDs.

Plausible? Let’s just say that you should start saving up. Considering that Apple is planning to make the iPhone 8/X standout with a bunch of new features, we can definitely see it commanding a higher price tag. And costing more than $1,000 is actually not so ridiculous—the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus is already $969. The iPhone 8/X will reportedly be bigger and have a more expensive OLED display, as well as more memory. So, it makes sense that it will be the most expensive iPhone ever made.


Stainless steel chassis?

The rumor: Apple is returning to a stainless steel chassis for the next iPhone with two glass panes on the front and the back, according to DigiTimes. In addition, Apple is moving to a new forging process for the metal bezel and frame that is expected to reduce manufacturing cost and time. The forging process will reportedly be 30 to 50 percent cheaper than the current unibody machine-precision process. The stainless steel frame will be provided by Foxconn and Jabil, the manufacturers who supplied the same part on the iPhone 4.

Plausible: Yes. This rumor corroborates an earlier report predicting the return of the glass iPhone. Not only that, but we’re also under the impression that Apple is looking to launch several models of the iPhone 8 with different prices and using different materials. And it makes sense that the higher-end iPhone 8 would rely on stainless steel to hold the front-and-back glass panels together, while a cheaper version uses aluminum—that’s the same pattern we see with the Apple Watch.


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