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Letting IT Go in the Smart City of Hong Kong

FY Teng | Oct. 17, 2014
This year, the HKCS's flagship event HKICC is set to focus on the development and application of technologies tipped to transform the cities of the world and enhance the quality of life of its denizens for decades to come.

More than 500 of the thought leaders and captains of industry leading the global digital revolution in the public and private sectors will be congregating at the Hong Kong International Computer Conference (HKICC) at the end of this month (October 30-31, 2014) to work on the myriad ways information and communications technology (ICT) can not only build the Smart City of the future, but also by extension improve the lives of people across the world.

The theme of this year's HKICC (an annual event organised by the Hong Kong Computer Society, HKCS): Smart City-Let IT go! The areas examined closely throughout the two-day conference: E-government, E-health, E-lifestyle, Energy, Cloud Computing, Connectivity & Mobility, Security & Privacy, Social Media, Big Data & Advanced Analytics. The HKCS has also included a special session devoted to enabling and empowering startups.

We caught up with HKCS representatives recently to ask them how they came to this year's theme and focus areas, what highlights delegates should especially look out for, and what they hope to achieve with the upcoming show. Their responses below.

Tell us why you chose to run with the theme, Smart City, Let IT go!
HKCS: With the strategic vision to become a knowledge-based economy, Hong Kong is striving to become a world leading smart city where technology, particularly ICT technology innovations are used to improve the productivity and efficiency of its business and social enterprises, government services, and environmental conservation with the aim to improve the quality of life of its citizens with the support of an excellent network and technology infrastructure.

The HKICC is a flagship event organised by HKCS. It aims to bring together IT professionals, executives as well as business and government leaders locally and from overseas, to explore the opportunities that IT has to offer in this fast changing digital era.

 IT has become one of the most instrumental change agents on our daily lives, and the emergence of 'Smart City' holds the promise of a better living for over half of the world population today, and 7 out of every 10 people on this planet by 2050.

The theme "Smart City, Let IT Go!" is inspired by the global success of the Disney's animated feature "FROZEN" with its Oscar winning song "Let it go!". The melodious music conveys determination, vibrancy and hope of life. As "it "also stands for ''IT', Information Technology, the play of words embodying our conference theme TO provide topicality, resonance and attractiveness to potential delegates to this important conference.

Given IT's ubiquitous presence nowadays, urban dwellers in particular are exposed to new concepts such as e-government, e-health and, more generally, e-lifestyle.  These and other 'Smart City' facilities have brought a great deal of convenience and value to all citizens, and, as a result, transformed the ways in which people live, work and interact with each other.


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