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Letting IT Go in the Smart City of Hong Kong

FY Teng | Oct. 17, 2014
This year, the HKCS's flagship event HKICC is set to focus on the development and application of technologies tipped to transform the cities of the world and enhance the quality of life of its denizens for decades to come.

The topics of Cloud, e-Health, Connectivity & Mobility, Security & Privacy, Energy, e-Government, and Social Media & Big Data are the key technology and service components to build and sustain an effective smart city.

Our "Cloud" session discusses this mandatory technology component of various Cloud models and the Internet, in particular the IoT, where objects or devices are connected, measured, and monitored to improve business processes and quality of life of people. An inevitable cloud-driven smart city is cost-effective and flexible and scalable.

E-Health, with its use of new technology devices and health informatics, is an essential component in an effective smart city. Hong Kong, due to the efforts of Hospital Authority and other Government agencies, is considered a global leader in health services. The e-Health Session will look at the positive trends in e-Health that are effected through the use of new technology, and the building of a seamless private and public medical record depository and informative exchange to ensure a 360-view of patients' health status for holistic care and remedies.

Connectivity and Mobility Session-for the past two decades, mobile technology has played a very important role in enhancing business efficiency and the lifestyle of consumers. The emerging technology will have even more significant impact on human beings and their culture moving forward. Among our speakers in this session is Jason Chiu of Cherrypicks, an iconic company in Hong Kong. He will be sharing the latest ideas in digital marketing for better business results in this mobile and well connected society, and elaborate on how mobility can actually improve the quality of life of our citizens, particularly those within the disadvantaged groups of our community.

Security and Privacy-on the second day, following the keynote presentation of Allan Chiang on privacy issues in a smart and mobile society, we have a panel on the interrelated topics of security and privacy, wherein we will look very closely at the phenomenon of increasing cyber-attacks and data breaches on a global front, and then further discuss the ways in which technology and organisational governance can be leveraged to minimise these incidents and their impact.

The Security and Privacy is followed by the session on Energy, which will be dedicated to crafting successful approaches to produce and deliver efficient and clean power and energy-essential for any smart city. The presentations here will look at the latest advances in optimising the performance of green data centres, and the use of Big Data and mobile technology in strategic energy management to reduce costs and to enhance overall environmental conservation and reduce pollution efforts.

Start-up-in the morning of the second day, we will have a parallel session focusing on topics of especial relevance to startups, such as the availability of "open data"-from sources in business, government, science, technology, retail, social media and more-which is accessible and reusable in ways that would effectively transform and add value to government, business and society, as well as provide new and valuable business opportunities for start-ups without having to incur significant  costs and yet potentially yield significant rewards through innovation. The session will look at the case of success stories in Singapore, in particular, how Singapore provides motivation and support to local startups to innovate with "open data". A panel of some of Hong Kong's most innovative startup leaders exploring the new opportunities they have leveraged or intend to leverage with the use of "open data" to disrupt the global market.


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