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Letting IT Go in the Smart City of Hong Kong

FY Teng | Oct. 17, 2014
This year, the HKCS's flagship event HKICC is set to focus on the development and application of technologies tipped to transform the cities of the world and enhance the quality of life of its denizens for decades to come.

In the afternoon of the second day, the “e-Government” session will look at the role of city/central government in the effective development of smart cities, drawing references from the China Central Government and Hong Kong Government. Daniel Lai, Hong Kong Government CIO, and Li Jian Ping, Secretary General of the China Smart Cities Industry Innovation Alliance will show us the effective ingredients and strategic planning that go into building smart cities from a nationwide perspective as well as from a metropolis such as Hong Kong. They will also discuss the various complementary and significant business and societal benefits that come from its development.

Following that will be industry perspectives from a global service provider, and a panel discussion on how synergies between the main stakeholders of government, industry and academia can be harnessed and exploited to accelerate smart city development.

As for “Social Media and Big Data”—they are the two most influential components of contemporary mobile and connected society. Social media platforms have become so popular and are collectively now an essential part of our social and community life. The challenge for the business world is in the creation of effective business opportunities targeting the huge social media community. Big Data technology is the key for innovatively mining and analysing all types of structured and unstructured data for successful targeted marketing and business decision making for enhancing business performance. The segments of the conference programme dealing with Social Media and Big Data will be examining their impact globally, particularly with respect to the different opportunities they offer to the building and enhancement of smart cities.

The conference will be closing with an informative look at how the convergence of consumerism and business operations, word and play and such–due in great part to usage trends like BYOD, and the increasing development and deployment of advanced technologies in mobility, Cloud and Big Data–is creating new forms of entertainment, new platforms for social interaction and ultimately transforming our lifestyle, and how we can take advantage of these trends.


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