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Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust 'to go paperless by 2018'

Chloe Dobinson | June 28, 2016
Alfresco to digitalise Liverpool's Women's Hospital by 2018 reducing hospital visits by 700 each month

Liverpool Women's Hosptial Entrance © Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Liverpool Women's NHS Trust hopes to transform the delivery of its patient-facing service from a paper-based to a digital information system, with CIO David Wallikerbelieving it is the "best solution" for the hospital.

CIO Walliker decided to partner with Alfresco  in order to improve patient health care. The system offers access to patients' medical data when they make contact over the telephone, meaning 80% of patients do not need hospital treatment with nurses providing appropriate advice over the phone. This saves on average 700 hospital visits each month.

"We will be paperless by 2018" Walliker said, improving the health strategy of a faster and efficient health process by "enabling us to remove those pieces of paper outside the medical records".

The project has taken two years from business plan to approval with the design and planning taking six months. Project manager Toni Mairs, who is currently leading the digital transformation at Liverpool Women's Hospital, believes the method will be much quicker for those who need to attend the emergency room.

She said that the medical information will go electronically to the reception staff with patients only needing to "state their name" on arrival. The process will enable medical professionals to share documents from any device with easy access becoming a "quite streamlined" process for the nurses.

Alfresco was selected as an ECM (enterprise content management) solution improving access to medical documents.Walliker believes the product was "quick to develop" and is making a "positive impact on the initial hospital strategy", taking the team's "productivity and decision-making capabilities to the next level".

Source: CIO UK