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Brands need to communicate with HK shoppers better to increase customer loyalty

Nayela Deeba | Oct. 25, 2017
Less than a third of shoppers had their queries that were posted on social media answered, according to ICLP's study.

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While shoppers in Hong Kong believe that brands are doing well in terms of providing good quality products and fast delivery, brands need to communicate better and provide more timely response to increase customer loyalty.

This is according to a study by marketing agency ICLP, which revealed that 47 percent of shoppers in Hong Kong trust the quality of the products they purchase from brands. However, they feel brands need to do more to foster long-term relationships with them. 

In order to do so, brands need to come up with better loyalty programmes, respond to customer queries on social media, and provide rewards so that shoppers stay true to the brands, especially when they give out their personal information.  

Currently, less than a third of shoppers in Hong Kong were notified on latest trends by a brand (27 percent), were provided with personalised offers (20 percent), and received something from a brand when they exchanged their personal information. Similarly, only 27 percent of the respondents had their queries posted on social media answered. 

"Fostering a loyal relationship with customers goes beyond providing good products. To maintain competitiveness, electronic brands in Hong Kong have to put more emphasis on communicating the latest products and trends specific and relevant to a customer's preferences, responding to them instantly and rewarding them with special and exclusive events and offers," said Mary English, Executive Vice President - APAC at ICLP

Different for shoppers in China

Meanwhile, shoppers in China are more satisfied with the way brands engage with them, compared to their counterparts in Hong Kong.

According to the same study, 33 percent received something from a brand when they exchanged their personal info and 39 percent received replies on their social media queries. 

The study also revealed that 51 percent of Chinese shoppers expect to grow and improve their relationship with brands as they learn more about each other. On the contrary, only 27 percent of shoppers in Hong Kong plan to do the same.

"Brands in mainland China, on the other hand, are performing better in terms of communication and rewards, which can be explained by the popularity of WeChat and Weibo and online customer servicing. It is also not uncommon for brands in the mainland to offer a wider choice of gifts and personalised offers to reward shoppers for their purchase, instead of providing a standard premium for customers as brands in Hong Kong do," explained English.


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