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Mahindra Reva builds India's first intelligent car using telematics and mobility

Debarati Roy | Feb. 17, 2014
How Mahindra Reva leveraged the magic of telematics and mobility to give India its very first smart car.

Not only that, the app also includes links to YouTube tutorial videos within the app so that customers know how to change a flat tyre, for example, or replace a fuse in the car.

Telematics has also helped the company to get rid of the range anxiety problem by introducing a smartphone feature called REVive. Based on the health of the battery, a reserve amount of energy is made available on-demand. If customers run out of charge, they just need to press the REVive button on their smartphone app and the car would get extra energy to last them for another five to seven kms.

"Customers can then check the closest charging point on their app and get their cars charged," says Gopal.

The company has applied for a patent for this concept. Last year, REVive got Mahindra into Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World list.

While that's a feat, putting this wonder car on the road wasn't devoid of challenges. This was the first time an automobile company was experimenting with something like telematics —for personal mobility—in India and there were no benchmarks or references to base their performance parameters on.

"Also, we were working with four partners at the same time for the various components of the telematics unit. We had to manage multiple stakeholders to get the job done," says Gopal.

In the end, it was a job well done.

"We had two kinds of ROI that needed to be defined. One was measuring the ROI on customer satisfaction and second was to reduce our service center costs," says Gopal.

By being able to remotely diagnose, predict and solve issues, the telematics unit has helped the service engineers at Mahindra Reva save about 80 percent of time required for fault rectification. This has not only saved the service teams precious man-hours required to detect a fault, plan for course-correction and service a car, but also helped customers by significantly reducing the issue resolution time.

Indeed there are automobile companies that boast of the most superior design, or unmatched luxury and some thrive on prestige value. But Mahindra Reva is a cut above the rest.


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