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MAIT collaborating towards success of Make in India, Digital India: Anwar Shirpurwala

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Government’s colossal IT programs to accelerate PC penetration in next five years leading to India’s socio economic development, says Anwar Shirpurwala, MAIT.

Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology or popularly known by its acronym MAIT is recognized by both government and the Industry for its role in the growth and development of the IT Hardware industry in India. Ahead of this year's Union Budget of India; IDG India spoke to Anwar Shirpurwala, executive director, MAIT at length on the present state of Indian manufacturing sector, expectations from government, collaboration for big government programs.

There is no choice but we as an industry body help government initiatives like Digital India and Make in India become successful as per him. "It is an equal responsibility on the industry and government. The Government has great inclination which they have initiated to a certain extent. But the true realisation and dedicated support has to be executed from within the industry to move ahead," says Shirpurwala at MAIT.

Edited Excerpts.

What's the update on the present state of manufacturing of IT products in India?

The manufacturing sector under MAIT caters to a complex chain spread over various organisations and across various product lines. Most technology vendors do not have one product (though PC could be prime product) but a varied portfolio of product offerings. 'Only PC' companies have more or less exited from the business or they are focusing on new form factors like mobiles, tablets etc.

From MAIT perspective it is extremely important that digital India project now sees day of light faster leading to more consumption of products and solutions. The vision is great and the motive is right. But there is urgent need for acceleration and on-ground translation for more adoption to take place.

In our last year's annual report ITOPS that tracks IT industry performance in India, there was a positive trend of an increased demand for PCs in rural areas. Urban India is becoming bit saturated in this regard and kind of hitting a plateau. 

The first preference devices are now laptops and not desktops. Desktops are now converted into hybrid computers / AIOs and tablets are gaining popularity. Computing is completely getting distributed among multiple devices. From one family and one device to access the internet, each individual has at least couple of devices (laptops, mobiles or tabs etcetra) for internet access at any given time.

Do you expect decent PC market (desktops and laptops) growth in India than most parts of the globe?

Yes. PC penetration in India at ten to eleven percentile - as per various reports - is not a great number. Developing nations like India are at twenty five to thirty percent. The low numbers in India are a concern area purely because of slow speed of Government programs in the past. And hence when Digital India program was announced, the clear focus by the authorities meant an expected upsurge in PC adoption in the country.


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