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MAIT collaborating towards success of Make in India, Digital India: Anwar Shirpurwala

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Government’s colossal IT programs to accelerate PC penetration in next five years leading to India’s socio economic development, says Anwar Shirpurwala, MAIT.

There was serious issue regarding Government procurement when Digital India program was announced. The procurement was dipping since few years for various reasons. We are pushing for government procurement reforms. On the central level, model RFP version 2.0 is created with a template and toolkits that are used by procurers for RFPs. We are working with 15 state governments and we are writing IT procurement procedures for them. This is the basic strong foundation needed to ensure the successful roll out of various programs.

On Skill India part, MAIT as part of Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) works closely on what skills are required for industry, creation of skills, occupational standards etcetra. We feel there are excessive people exploring Startup India program. Software start-ups is a much easier than hardware product start-up. There are many home grown manufacturers which should also flourish with big players in start-up program. There is definitely scope for MAIT but we will see how this program pans out.

What is the rationale behind 'Digital India Action Group'?

To roll out these large -scale IT -centric programs, MAIT created Digital India Action Group. The idea is how you can help supplement government in terms of on ground action and the implementation of a company's good solutions to be part of digital India. MAIT showcases those solution to make people aware of the technology. If the solution is not available in the market, we have a competent think tank of industry experts and domain stalwarts to source that solution. Based on our collective knowledge, we put forward the recommendations to the government - for example projects like UID or ADHAAR. 

We are helping Government where many existing solutions can be immediately implemented for Digital India and the industry is also prepared to provide many products to Government on low cost too.

How realistic are these government programs for the mammoth scale of India' s geographic expanse and population size compared to less populated 'digitally empowered' countries?

Many of the projects like CCNTS, passport, MCA-21 have been successful in India. Individual projects in states like land records have been effective too. I don't see why Digital India and Make in India should not become a success too. We are in the age where technology is the backbone for efficiency, productivity and cost-savings. That is the only path forward and I am confident on implementation of these projects.

On the manufacturing front, ease of starting business is different than ease of running a business. Starting a business in India might lead to delay of license, registration etc. which are manageable at times. But issues like logistics, cost of finance during business operations are a challenge.


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