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MAIT collaborating towards success of Make in India, Digital India: Anwar Shirpurwala

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Government’s colossal IT programs to accelerate PC penetration in next five years leading to India’s socio economic development, says Anwar Shirpurwala, MAIT.

Where do you see rubber hitting the road?

 There is no choice but we as an industry body help government initiatives like Digital India and Make in India become successful. It is an equal responsibility on the industry and government. The Government has a great inclination and they have initiated to a certain extent. But the true realisation and dedicated support has to be executed from within the industry to move ahead. 

Your wish list from India government.

Introduction of duty differential for PCs, mobiles and notebooks to accelerate the manufacturing industry.  Revamp of the entire procurement reforms in terms of IT products and services bought into the country.

More efforts for ease of doing business in India should be enhanced (by at least 10x than present) because many ground issues are still unresolved. There is a large gap between a policy maker and the implementer. There is need for huge amount of capacity building which we are helping with. The understanding of the implication of technology and how technology industry works is not perfect many a times.

Can you stick out your neck to predict IT penetration for India in next couple of years?

Two years is a short window as there would be a marginal difference in adoption rate. Flash forward to year of 2020 or 2021 with the ambition of every village connected on internet. But it will require lot of work by the Government. Connectivity in many parts of urban cities of India still results in call drops. Hence we are far behind from the bandwidth issue and internet connectivity.

I would like to see the PC penetration in India touch around 30% in the next five years - almost triple than the present rate. It is proven record by World Bank Report that every ten percent increase of PC penetration leads to an increase of 1.3% in a country's GDP. India can then have a healthier GDP with a 4% increase if PC penetration occurs at the expected pace.

And of course IT penetration leads to socio economic development, productivity and efficiency of the processes and the nation at large.

Source: Computerworld India 


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