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Melbourne's Olikka inks new deals with local heavyweights

Hafizah Osman | June 8, 2017
Strikes customer deals with businesses including one of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains.


On-boarding a new vendor

In building on its value-add for Microsoft solutions, especially around Office 365, Olikka has signed on Mimecast as a vendor partner.

"We're a value layer between these billion dollar companies and our customers. That's how we see ourselves in the supply chain," he said. "We care about the specifics requested by end customers and are able to translate upcoming features and functions and advise them on which works best for them.

"Our interest in Mimecast is that it forms part of our idea of "Office 365-as-a-service" because it adds features and functions capability to Office 365 out of the box," he said.

Pascoe also mentioned that the new vendor partnership blends well into its Olikka-as-a-service managed services offering, which he said is a huge part of the business.

"We try to differentiate ourselves from most of the managed services offerings and we focus on proactive upgrades. Customers have a need that Office 365 by itself isn't fulfilling and Mimecast fills those gaps well. But we're still in the early days of this relationship," he said.


Growing from a start-up

Pascoe told ARN that the company's transition from a start-up to an SMB has fuelled its recent wins and enables it to keep concentrating on acquiring larger customers that are of a 1,000 to 10,000 business size.

"We've now stabilised ourselves in the market and in our processes," he said. "We've come from a traditionally systems management end user computing focus and that is still at the core but we're now applying it to help IT meet user expectations with extensions or integrations.

"As we've grown and matured, we've extended into areas like identity management, and cloud work around end user computing. We've also recently started application integration which means it's not totally reliant on what vendors provide," he said.

"We've also put on more of a user lens on our IT work to offer solutions that are intuitive and make the user productive."

In addition, Pascoe said changing market conditions and new customer purchasing trends has also enabled it to expand into other areas.

"Cloud has influenced the way people buy, even if they're not buying cloud things. The benefits of cloud, around agility and demand based resourcing, is branching out to other work, so customers are demanding this," Pascoe said.

"It changes the dynamic of our business and thankfully our size has allowed us to adapt quickly to changing buyer patterns and being flexible in our delivery," he added.


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