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Monday's WWDC keynote to have an Apple TV-sized hole

Susie Ochs | June 5, 2015
Apple's products are so tightly integrated that it's crucial no piece is rushed out before it's ready...but it's frustrating for Apple fans to have to wait.

I really wanted a new Apple TV next week--mostly because I'm anxious for HomeKit to finally become a robust ecosystem instead of just a word with a capital K in the middle. Maybe my lesson is to pay less attention to the rumor mill and just wait until Apple announces things when they're good and ready. Maybe Apple's lesson is to clamp down on leaks to avoid a public perception that things are being delayed when they really aren't. The WWDC 2015 logo reads "The epicenter of change" over a shape that looks exactly like an Apple TV. I don't want Apple to sell any wine before its time, but if the Apple TV doesn't appear in this year's keynote, it'll leave an awfully big hole.


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