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Nintendo is making all the right moves with Super Mario Run

Andrew Hayward | Sept. 13, 2016
The gaming icon nearly stole Apple's thunder at the iPhone 7 event this week.

Even if Nintendo doesn’t ultimately attribute an uptick in console game sales to Super Mario Run, putting a massive icon like this on mobile is incredibly smart for the company, bringing a likely-large boost to its bottom line during a very quiet period for its Wii U. It also shows that Nintendo is serious about diversifying, and that it won’t simply bring strange social apps and lesser-known franchises to mobile. Sure, we’ll have to wait for those promised Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games until Q1 next year, but in the meantime, we get Super Mario on iPhone.

That’s great for the App Store (and eventually Android’s Google Play Store), as well. It shows that a major console franchise can be shown respect in the transition to mobile, and that seemingly refined, quality games deserve to be paid for—yes, even on your phone. And if Super Mario Run really does capture the essence of Nintendo’s brilliant and beloved franchise and deliver a must-play mobile experience, then it’ll be a big win for everyone: Nintendo, Apple, and players alike.

Editor’s note: For disclosure, Rolling Stone’s John Davison is a past editor of the author.


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