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OpenNet ups capacity ahead of IT Show 2012

F.Y. Teng | Feb. 23, 2012
The operator of Singapore’s nationwide all-optical fibre platform now offers the total weekly capacity of 3,550 installation slots.

The company behind the world’s first nationwide all-optical fibre platform, whereon Singapore’s Next Gen NBN is based, OpenNet, announced Wednesday (February 22, 2012) that it had just added 1,150 installation slots to its previous total weekly capacity of 2,400. According to the company’s representatives, the increased capacity–now at 3,550 slots–comes in anticipation of a spike in demand for fibre broadband connections due to the upcoming consumer technology show I.T. Show 2012 (March 8-11), and should mean installation requests from service providers can be fulfilled more quickly than previously (when a week was the standard waiting time for new installations).

Director of Business Development and Communications at OpenNet, Daniel Ho, when talking about how timely and important this particular enhancement to his company’s services was, said: “Major IT events have been a source of surges in demand in the past few quarters. OpenNet has taken proactive steps to introduce the added capacity earlier than before.”

According Ho also pointed out that aside from key industry and consumer technology events, continually increasing personal and corporate customers’ awareness of the value of fibre broadband, will go on driving OpenNet to up its capacity as well as the breadth of its suite of services, moving forward.

Since June 2011, the operator has been seeing more than 10,000 new fibre connection subscriber sign ups a month. In January, its fibre subscriber count hit 100,000. That number has since gone up. “The Fibre Index survey released by OpenNet in February 2012 showed increased awareness of fibre broadband during the period surveyed,” he said. “With continued promotion of residential fibre broadband services by existing service providers as well as news one like My Republic and ViewQwest, we are optimistic that the strong service implementation will continue beyond the early adopters.”


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