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Oracle supports Fujian Mobile’s business growth

Anuradha Shukla | Feb. 2, 2012
Oracle Exadata Database Machine replaces existing Teradata System for Fujian Mobile’s next-generation business analysis support system.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine is supporting Fujian Mobile's business growth.

China Mobile (Fujian) (Fujian Mobile) is a rapidly expanding subsidiary of China Mobile (HK) Group.

The company will replace its existing Teradata system with Oracle's solution and use it for its next-generation Business Analysis Support System (BASS).

Fujian Mobile has decided to deploy a full-rack Oracle Exadata system for its next-generation high performance BASS. This deployment, notes the company, will help it to address the demands of its rapidly expanding subscribers base that grew from two million to more than 22 million in the past few years.

"We expect the deployment of Fujian Mobile's next-generation BASS will get benefits through our joint efforts. Oracle has acquired a lot of experience deploying its comprehensive, open and integrated technology solutions and engineered systems that have been widely adopted worldwide. We are committed to the support for more local companies by providing innovative technology products," said Jeff Lam, Oracle.

Migration of data

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides extreme performance for both data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) applications. This capability makes it an ideal platform for consolidating onto grids or private clouds.

Fujian Mobile plans to migrate all data from its existing Teradata system to Oracle Exadata.

In addition to expanding the storage capacity of its next-generation BASS, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine will enable Fujian Mobile to increase its data compression ratio and improve overall BASS performance.

The Oracle Exadata system will also reduce the time required for configuring, troubleshooting and tuning by a few months.

Reduction of time will allow Fujian Mobile to deploy its initial roll-out rapidly as well as manage future expansion.

Oracle Exadata also offers energy-efficiency and reduced footprint enabling Fujian Mobile's next-generation BASS to deliver significant reduction in deployment and maintenance costs compared with its current system.


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