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Panera finds digital helps recruitment, in unexpected ways

Evan Schuman | June 19, 2017
Panera Bread found that mobile payments significantly helped recruit drivers. Why? Fewer robberies.

In a virtuous circle, good tips often lead to better compliments from management. Mobile allows tips to be easily tracked and attributed to specific employees. Management often associates big tips with good customer relations. If customers are tipping well, they are likely happy. And all of this from a simple little mobile app.

This even extends to table service, where the most frustrating part of a dining experience can be waiting for someone to bring the check. Mobile can wipe that, as Chili's has discovered with its tablet trial.

Mobile can make it easier for a customer to  repurchase favorite meals, as Domino's figured out during its initial social-media-order trial as well as its physical button follow-up.

As more business are embracing mobile, we're still figuring out the many unintended benefits. We're also waiting to see if the intended benefits last long.


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