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Philip's 'smart' lightbulbs hit Australia

Rohan Pearce | May 20, 2013
Networked lighting system sold through Apple

Philip's smart lightbulb

Australians will be able to purchase Philips Hue  a colour-changing, wirelessly controlled lighting system  from today.

The system uses a combination of one or more lightbulbs and a bridge that plugs into a Wi-Fi router. Users can employ an iOS app or a Web interface to then control the bulbs. The system lets users select the colour and intensity of the LED lightglobes, which fit into standard light sockets.

The bulbs use the low-power ZigBee Light Link standard. Up to 50 bulbs can be linked to a single bridge.

The Hue app can also use the lightbulbs as an alert system, responding to events such as receiving a message through a social network or a weather forecast. Third party developers can also extend the Hue app to add new features.

The Philips Hue lighting system is sold by Apple in Australia. A starter pack of the bridge and three bulbs costs $249.95. A single bulb retails for $69.95.


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