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PitchMark promotes respect for IP

Nurdianah Md Nur | Sept. 30, 2013
With PitchMark, creative agencies can be assured that their IP rights will be respected during and after RFP while marketers can shortlist original concepts without having to pay an upfront fee.


Creative agencies can now safeguard the intellectual property (IP) rights to their ideas during and after request for proposal (RFP) process with PitchMark.

PitchMark is a secured web-based solution that provides a tangible way to protect IP rights. Every concept, idea or proposal uploaded will be given a date-stamped and uniquely numbered certificate. Creators can then send a compressed folder containing the certificate and pitch document to the client, who can easily authenticate and access the folder.

PitchMark also benefits marketers/clients as it allows them to shortlist original concepts that best meet their requirements without being charged an upfront pitch fee to all participating agencies. Clients, however, are legally bound not to share, implement, or use ideas without the creator's permission.

"Miscommunication and grievances over the source of ideas and pitch fees in traditional RFP processes have gone unaddressed for too long. PitchMark enables a community of original idea generators and clients to transact in an environment of trust and respect, and certainty," said Mark Laudi, founder of PitchMark.

PitchMark also offers legal consultation for its users if they suspect a PitchMark submission has been misappropriated by its recipient.


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