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Qualcomm offers a few scant details about the Kyro CPU in its Snapdragon 820 processor

Jason Cross | Sept. 3, 2015
In a blog post big on buzzwords and thin on details, Qualcomm lets us know the Snapdragon 820 will be worth waiting for.

The story behind the story: Qualcomm endured some bad press and lost customers over the Snapdragon 810, which was criticized for running hot and not providing enough of a performance improvement over it's previous Snapdragon 805. The company is trying to make sure everyone knows that its next big high-end chip, due to appear in phones in early 2016, will be super fast while sipping battery and running cool. And maybe it will! But the trickle of buzzword-laden information it is doling out sound like the promises of every processor maker, ever: it's faster, it's more energy efficient, it enables things you never dreamed of. We'll try not to get excited until we see some actual independent hardware tests.


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