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Satellite services provider beefs up Asia operations

Veronica C. Silva | July 19, 2011
Thuraya names regional director for HQ to be based in Singapore.

The growing business for satellite communications in the Asia Pacific region has prompted a Middle East-based global satellite services provider to beef up its operations in the region to take advantage of market opportunities.

Thuraya, a mobile satellite services provider, said it has recently opened a regional office in Singapore headed by a regional director for Asia, Bilal Hamoui.

Thuraya is based in the United Arab Emirates but its cost-effective mobile satellite services are available in more than 140 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In the Asia Pacific region, its services are available through a network of specialised satellite solutions providers.

Its coverage in Asia extends from Japan in the North to Australia in the South, including all 22 major countries in the region, major straits, waterways, and islands.

Dedicated team

Samer Halawi, CEO, Thuraya, said the region is served by Thuraya 3, a dedicated satellite. Part of the company's plan for the region is to have a full dedicated team to support its operations and customers in the region.

"Over the years, Thuraya has developed a network of partners who built a strong distribution presence in the major Asian countries. Through our Singapore office, we will support them closely in order to expand our service reach," said Halawi.

"Our new plans underline Thuraya's determination to build on existing partnerships and further enhance our position as a leading mobile satellite services operator," he added.

The new plans are encouraged by the region's busy maritime lanes and ports. Thuraya said it offers services to the maritime industry, both for low and high-end consumers. These include Thuraya Marine and Seagull 5000i for narrowband voice and data services, with a soon to be launched marine-grade broadband product.

Maritime sector

"The Asian mobile satellite market is growing at rates exceeding those of the rest of the world, driven by a strong maritime sector. Thuraya is well poised to meet the needs of this segment through its unique maritime solutions. Our solutions can be used on large regional cargo ships, medium-sized vessels, or fishing and leisure boats," added Halawi.

But Thuraya also offers services to other industries, such as government, defence, oil & gas, international broadcast media, NGOs and emergency services sectors. To these sectors, Thuraya offers a complete portfolio of satellite telecom solutions, including high-speed data, voice, tracking and aero services.

Thuraya complements its services with the Thuraya IP, the world's smallest satellite broadband solution to support 384 Kbps, and the Thuraya XT, the world's toughest satellite phone.

"Thuraya IP is the most portable satellite broadband solution in the market. It is also the only satellite broadband solution to provide asymmetric streaming allowing consumers to cost-effectively transmit video from the field. Because of its versatility and ease of use, the solution was deployed very quickly and effectively following the devastating earthquake in Japan to assist in search and rescue operations, and to broadcast the news from the ravaged area," said Hamoui.

Thuraya said its satellite network features dynamic resource allocation and strong satellite spot-beams, which decongest voice and data traffic.


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