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Serious gaming is a serious business, seriously.

Madura McCormack | Nov. 1, 2012
Asia expected to contribute US$1.7B to serious gaming revenue by 2015

Push aside all images of intense hours playing Diablo or Portal out of your mind, because that isn't what serious gaming refers to. Now think games-based applications for corporate simulations and training programmes.

According to Serious Gaming International [SGI] Singapore, many major companies are beginning to realise the important role that these game play techniques have, describing it as an effective means of conveying information that engages users fully.

Research predicts global revenues for the serious games industry to reach over US$2.5 billion by 2015, with Asia expected to make up US$1.7 billion of the amount.

In Singapore, the local SGI office hopes to get a slice of the profit pie with their supposed ability to create corporate simulations and 3D immersive environments.

SGI Singapore has developed games for mental health and business resource management among others, in the one year that it has been established here, according to the statement.

The Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore invited SGI to be set up in Singapore in 2011 to attract serious gaming companies to the country.


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