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Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Even better than the original

Hayden Dingman | March 10, 2014
Berlin's metro is not subject to time. It's dark outside, lit here and there by the soft glow of a run-down streetlight or the pink and blue haze of a neon sign. But not in the metro. Here everything is bright as noon, including the woman standing pensively off to the side, waiting. Waiting for you.

The computer hacking portion of the game, dubbed decking, is also neutered. There are even fewer mandatory decking sessions in this campaign, and no real reason to play as a decker yourself when you'll almost always have Blitz in your party.

I still feel like Shadowrun Returns built a solid foundation; these stats have the potential for plenty of depth and experimentation. Unfortunately neither campaign has taken advantage of that potential to its fullest.

Bottom line
The expansion plays much like its predecessor — isometric camera, no voiced dialogue, plenty of reading, and lots of systems. In many ways,Dragonfall is the campaign the game should've shipped with from the start. An amalgamation of fan feedback and the developer's own ideas, Dragonfall manages to right a fair number of the original's wrongs, while still delivering the same compelling dialogue and an even better world to explore.

If you're just getting into Shadowrun Returns, start here. And if you've already played the original and enjoyed it? By all means revisit the game for this chapter. It's easily worth it for $15.


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