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'Silicon Valley' episode 2: 'The Cap Table' - VP of Spite

Jason Snell | April 15, 2014
Silicon Valley episode 2 is here and Jason Snell will break it all down for you.

What Did We Learn? "This is going very poorly," Peter Gregory says. This episode is about Richard realizing the business reality of his situation. He is no longer just a programmer with a good idea: He's the CEO of a company. All of a sudden he needs to learn about all the aspects of running a business that go beyond the programming he's much more comfortable with.

As terrible as Bachman usually is, he's right in trying to have Richard think like a CEO. And the moment when he decides to keep Big Head on the team despite everyone else wanting him fired is Richard's pivot point, the moment he finally does realize that he's in charge and he needs to call the shots.

But as this show seems to enjoy, Richard's moment of CEO decision-making is immediately brought down to earth. He goes to a bank to deposit his hard-earned investment check, and it turns out all he has is a personal account. No business account, no federal tax forms, nothing. It turns out that he might be excellent at programming--which is good, because Gavin is in the process of reverse-engineering his code--but when it comes to business he's a babe in the woods. So now it's time to learn.


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