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Singapore consolidates its infocomm services

Anuradha Shukla | June 25, 2013
Tenders invited for government infrastructure services

Singapore government needs to put new contracts to ensure infocomm services continuity and it is calling a series of tenders to this end.

These tenders will help in provisioning of government infrastructure services, which will enable smooth transitioning before the current Standard ICT Operating Environment (SOE) contract ends.

The current SOE contract was launched in 2008 and it is set to expire in February 2016. The purpose of the contract is to consolidate the government's infocomm services into a single environment and if the contract is not renewed it will impact the continuity of the service.

Currently, as many as 75,000 suites are deployed to 96 government agencies and the Singapore government intends to continue operating in a single environment in order to accomplish several goals such as boosting Whole-of-Government security, inter-operability and resiliency.

The first set of tenders will cover a range of areas including central core infrastructure services, messaging and collaboration services, desktops, notebooks and printers, and Agency Facilities Management (AFM).

Upgrading of operations
These new tenders will allow greater flexibility ultimately allowing agencies to choose how they manage their IT infrastructure in order to gain optimal efficiency.

All tenders are designed by collecting feedback from the agencies and analysing their specific needs in the coming years.

Once all these tenders are approved they will effectively cover the development and upgrading of operations and maintenance of services that are currently available in SOE.

The tender for central core infrastructure services will search providers that can help them to deliver, migrate and operate the IT infrastructure within the data centres.

Messaging and collaboration services tender is for messaging and collaboration services to the government and statutory boards; the PC Bulk Tender will supply desktops, notebooks and printers to the government and statutory boards.

Finally, the Agency Facilities Management (AFM) is for the supply of AFM support services to the government and statutory boards. The government will issue more tenders in the coming months.


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