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Singaporean e-shoppers spend mostly on fashion items and shoes: GfK

Zafirah Salim | May 22, 2014
The survey also revealed that consumers prefer to shop offline for items that are pegged to quality and authenticity such as watches and optical products.


The top online purchases are noted to be fashion-related products and shoes, with the average Singaporean shopper spending over $250 and $180 respectively in these two categories over the past three months.

Other most commonly purchased items through e-commerce include bags, toys, babycare and sports equipment; although the shopping frequency rate for it is lower. 

This is according to the latest Shopper study conducted by market research company GfK, which polled more than 1,500 Singaporeans aged between 18 and 65 years old who have visited, and made at least a purchase in a physical department store.

“Our study has revealed some interesting insights to how consumers in Singapore are doing their shopping, allowing us to observe some behaviours specific to the online and offline platforms,” said Lawrence Yeow, APAC Retail Director at GfK. “While online retailers enjoy high sales volume for the lower value items, it is the more expensive products, and items that are pegged to quality and authenticity which consumers prefer to purchase at a physical store.”

According to the report, the polled respondents do not turn to online shopping for items such as watches, optical products, consumer electronics and sports equipment, although the total value spend may still be significantly more than the other more commonly purchased items. According to the survey, the average online spend on watches and consumer electronics reached over $1,000 and $700 respectively.

Although online shopping offers consumers convenience, there is still a significant number that prefer shopping in physical stores as they get to physically see and feel the products for themselves. In fact, the survey findings indicated that shoppers especially like going to departmental stores that have well-displayed and wide product range, and those that offer trendy and sophisticated items.

The study also revealed that more than half (55%) of shopping trips to departmental stores in Singapore are planned, highlighting the need for departmental stores to focus on how to attract customers to plan their shopping trips there. Also, nearly seven out of 10 respondents shop alone, while almost half (48%) shops with their spouse or partner.

“Considering the inroads that online stores are already making in Singapore, it is imperative for physical stores to put in extra emphasis on strengthening the in-store experience they provide their customers,” added Yeow. “Not only is this vital to stay in the competition against the e-tailers, it is just as relevant to keep them in the race with other stores in the brick and mortar space.”


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