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Sony PlayStation 4 vs next-gen Apple TV

Mark Hattersley | Feb. 22, 2013
Sony has finally announced (sort of) the PS4 console, although it has no design, price or release date. We think this will fare badly against any app-enabled Apple TV box or full-blown Apple Television.

One thing's for sure, when Apple announces the Apple Television (or souped up Apple TV box) it'll do it completely. It will make the announcement in depth and the device will go on sale as soon afterwards as possible. Why Sony has elected to do the exact opposite is something of a mystery.

Sony hasn't done itself any real favours with yesterday's announcement. By refusing to reveal the release date, price, or show any images of the PS4 it's frustrated gamers and tech journalists alike, Chris Kohler from Wired said "Talk is the cheapest thing there is. And that's basically what Sony did today: It espoused a philosophy, said the names of a lot of popular games, but didn't give us any real, concrete information in an age where it's more important than ever."


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