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Styx: Master of Shadows: A stealthy adventure built for old-school Thief fans

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 8, 2014
This ultra-hard stealth game kind of feels like it came out ten years ago, but in a good way.

Bottom line
Look past the smattering of issues, though, and there's a solid (and very hard) stealth game here.

Surprisingly, the game I found myself thinking of most while playing Styx was Beyond Good & Evil. Maybe it's Styx himself, the silly mascot-like hero of the story, who apart from the constant swearing seems like a holdover from a bygone period of video games. Maybe it's the graphics which, while they accomplish things you could never accomplish on PS2-era hardware, still seem somehow like a cartoonish throwback to that time (especially the faces, which are universally awkward). Maybe it's the feeling of "If you get seen, you might as well start over because combat is terrible"--that's certainly an issue in Styx, since the combat is nearly unplayable and you're better off just reloading the game.

Regardless, Styx: Master of Shadows feels like a stealth game from ten years ago. That is to say, it feels like a modern stealth game but a little less polished, a little less forgiving, and a lot more open. That's fine in my book, but it's also something I could see frustrating a lot of people.

Keep your F5 finger handy.


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