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The iPhone switcher's guide: Move from iOS to Android and keep all your stuff

Michael Simon | Dec. 16, 2016
We can help move your photos, contacts, calendars, mail, music, and messages over to their new home.

calendar export
You can export all of your calendar entries by taking a trip to

If you have a Mac, the first thing you’ll need to do is open the Calendar app on your computer. Select the calendar you want to export, head to the File menu, and click Export to create an ICS file. (Repeat if you have more than one calendar to copy over.) If you’re using a PC, however, you’ll need to jump through a few small hoops. First, log in to and open the calendar app. Select the calendar you want to share and click the broadcast icon to the right. In the accompanying dialogue box, select Public Calendar and copy the address that appears. (The address will be too long to view, so you’ll need to click the email link button to copy the whole thing.) Paste the entire link into a new tab, change “webcal” at the front to “http”, and press enter. That will download the ICS file you need. Finally, go back to your iCloud Calendar and uncheck Public Calendar, then repeat the process for any other calendars to want to copy over.

calendar import
Find the ICS file you saved and import it into Google Calendar.

Then log in to your Google calendar on the web and import the file you downloaded by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Go down to Settings, click Calendars and find the Import calendar button. Then all you need to do is find the file you exported and your iPhone’s dates will show up on your Android phone. Just don’t forget that you’ll need to do this for each of the calendars you’ve exported (Home, Work, Birthdays, etc.).

When all that’s done, the last thing you need to do is change the default calendar account on your Apple devices (including your old iPhone) from iCloud to Google. On iOS, you can switch it in the Calendars tab inside the Settings app, while on OS X you’ll find it inside the app’s preferences. From there, you can simply log in to your Google account and your events will forever remain perfectly in sync.


Now that you’ve got your appointments in order, you’re going to need some people to communicate with. And since you’re already an expert in importing calendar files, you’ll just need to do the same with your contacts.

contacts export
Make sure you select all of the contacts you want to bring over before you hit the export button.


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